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Welcome to
.......... Promoting Good Health, Striving For Medical Excellence ..........
Your first love, the passion that made you choose a career in Medicine, the need to heal the sick, to help the afflicted. This compelling need can be rediscovered by linking up with your old colleagues from Medical School. You can be reunited with your old pal from Medical School sooner than you think. Our extensive database lists Physicians from every Medical School in Nigeria as well as Physicians from various International Medical and Postgraduate Medical Schools.

"Nigerian Cardiologist gets Congressional citation in New York"
"Nigerian Neurosurgeon heads global body of surgeons"
Dr Oluyemi O. Badero, Nigerian cardiologist in NY gets US Congressional citation.......

Hope rises for improved health care in Nigeria Adikwu Wins Nigeria's Science Prize
Stroke Reduced By Almost 50 Percent By ACTOS Identifying Risk For Obesity In Early Childhood

Which of the following is not an accepted therapy in the treatment of tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) overdose?
A) IV fluidsB) Physostigmine
C) Sodium bicarbonateD) Norepinephrine
E) Diazepam 
The correct answer is B
Read the article & learn more!

Over the last 30 years, deaths from liver cirrhosis have increased eight-fold in women and seven-fold in men(Institute of Alcohol Studies)

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