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Advertising Policy
To Advertise on, please click here for more information welcomes business opportunities from companies who wish to place advertisements for product and services on our Web site. Any revenue generated as a result will help offset some of the costs of developing comprehensive and credible health information.

Our advertising policies are as follows:

Identifying Advertisements: We will clearly distinguish advertising from health information content, using identifying words, design, or placement. For example with the words "Advertisement" running along the top or the side of the box in which the advertisement or sponsorship acknowledgement appears.

Clicking On Advertisements: If you click on a third-party advertisement, you will be leaving and will be directed to the advertiser's site. Be aware that has no control over the practices of other Web sites.

Editorial Independence: maintains absolute editorial independence and advertising sponsors have no editorial input or influence on the information itself. Does Not Endorse Products: Under no circumstances will's acceptance of an advertisement be considered an endorsement of the product(s) advertised or the company that manufactures it.

Types Of Advertisements Not Accepted: does not accept advertising that we know either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective or dangerous products. also does not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms or pornography.

Updating Our Policy: This advertising policy may be revised periodically. When we make significant changes that affect our advertising policies and practices, we will post a notice on the home page for 30 days. We recommend that you read our advertising policy whenever you visit our site in case you missed our notice.
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