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Latest Medical Breakthroughs (2022)

    Islet transplantation shows promise for patients with diabetesr    (Feb 2005)
    Skin test for Alzheimer’s    (March 2005)
    'Smart' Immune Cells Kill More Cancer    (March 2005)
    Gene Therapy Cures Inherited Liver Disease In Rats    (March 2005)
    Success Of Liver Transplantation May Be Most Influenced By Three Risk Factors    (March 2005)
    Lifestyle, Rather Than Fetal Or Childhood Factors, Critical For Adult Bone Health    (May 2005)
    Intensive Treatment Of Diabetic Patients Significantly Reduces Heart Disease    (June 2005)
    Glucose Control Lowers Cardiovascular Disease By About 50 Percent In Diabetes    (June 2005)
    Vascular Disease Most Common Cause Of Male Erectile Dysfunction    (June 2005)
    New Compound May Decrease Vision Loss In Diabetes    (July 2005)
    Johns Hopkins Scientists Uncover Clues To 'Disappearing' Precancers    (July 2005)
    Researchers Identify Genes Associated With Lung Transplant Rejection    (July 2005)
    Postpartum Treatment Key For Depression; Prenatal Efforts Ineffective    (July 2005)
    Immune System's Distress Signal Tells Bacteria When To Strike Back    (July 2005)
    New Front Opened in Battle of the Bulge    (Aug 2005)
    Probable Trigger Of Kidney Disease In Diabetics Identified    (Aug 2005)
    Tadpole soon to help in the fight against cancer and lymphedema    (Aug 2005)
    Gradient guides nerve growth down spinal cord    (Aug 2005)
    Decreased Breast Cancer Survival Associated With High TRAIL-R2 Expression    (Aug 2005)
    Making lungs for transplant by converting stem cells    (Aug 2005)
    Major breakthrough in the treatment of cancers and infectious diseases    (September 2005)
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