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Gates gives £28m to malaria team

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates is donating £28 million to a UK university as part of a £145m ($258.3m) gift to malaria research worldwide.
Your brain's sex can make you ill

Scientists say they have proof that the sex of the brain makes men and women more prone to different diseases.
New painful joint disorder found

Scientists have discovered a new and extremely destructive hereditary joint disorder in a US family.
Pesticides in a third of foods

A third of the foods we eat contain traces of pesticides, government-backed tests reveal, but most fall within legal limits.
'Smart' coating to deliver drugs

US scientists have developed a "smart" coating to deliver drugs precisely when and where they are needed in the body.
India's struggle with encephalitis

An outbreak of Japanese encephalitis in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has claimed the lives of nearly 700 children, according to official figures.
WHO malaria figures are 'flawed'

The way the World Health Organization gathers data on how malaria deaths does not represent the true scale of the problem, say experts.
Weight loss cuts cancer gene risk

Young women who carry a breast cancer gene can reduce their risk of the disease by slimming, a study suggests.
Hope for eliminating 'latent' HIV

Early research suggests a potential way to eradicate dormant HIV infection, scientists claim in the Lancet.
'Many-layered apron' may cut MRSA

An apron with layers that can be peeled away like an onion could be a simple way of cutting hospital infections, according to the doctor who devised it.
Clue to why some die during sleep

Scientists believe they may have solved the mystery of why some people stop breathing fatally in their sleep.
'Thoughts read' via brain scans

Scientists say they have been able to monitor people's thoughts via scans of their brains.

   Sitaxsentan Improves Quality Of Life In Pulmonary Hypertension    (July 2006)
   Shingles Vaccine, Zostavax Approved In USA And Europe    (July 2006)
   Herceptin Plus Arimidex Extends Lives Of Breast Cancer Patients    (June 2006)
   Knowledge Of Infection May Prevent Spread Of Herpes Virus    (June 2006)
   New Device Could Cut Chemotherapy Deaths    (May 2006)
   Study Shows Drug Blocks Breast Cancer Migration To Bone    (May 2006)
   Pregnant Women Should Not Ignore Breast Cancer Symptoms    (April 2006)
   Loneliness Linked To High Blood Pressure In Aging Adults    (April 2006)
   Anti-HIV Drug can Prevent Transmission In Women    (March 2006)
   Global Toll Of Glaucoma set to rise    (March 2006)
   Eat Vegetables And Lessen Your Chances Of Developing Cancer    (March 2006)
   Smoking can Increase Risk For Root Canal Treatment    (March 2006)
   Nigeria Tops Polio-Endemic Countries    (February 2006)
   Stem Cell Therapy For Parkinson's Disease    (February 2006)
   Early Form Of Breast Cancer On The Rise, UK    (February 2006)
   Don't Let Your Children Skip Breakfast    (February 2006)
   Two New Malaria Treatments Available    (January 2006)
   New Acne Treatment - Anti-DHT Clearogen    (January 2006)
   Obesity Raises Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease    (January 2006)
   Americans Consuming Far Too Much Sodium (Salt)    (January 2006)
   Gum Disease And Heart Disease, New Link, Virginia Commonwealth University    (December 2005)
   Heparin Antibody Risks After Heart Surgery    (December 2005)
   Hormone Aldosterone Promising Target For Stroke Treatment    (December 2005)
   Scientists Develop Protein-sequence Analysis Tool    (December 2005)
   Evidence Grows That Alzheimer's Is A Type Of Diabetes    (December 2005)
    New Kidney Disease Drug Saves Lives At Low Cost    (December 2005)
    Slightly Higher Risk Of Major Birth Defects Associated With IVF    (December 2005)
   Noninvasive Ultrasound Treatment Shrinks Fibroids    (December 2005)
   Genetic link between heart disease and psoriasis    (November 2005)
   Leukemia Drug Shows Modest Benefit for Prostate Cancer    (November 2005)
   Regular physical activity may strenghten knee cartilage    (November 2005)
   Novartis MS drug shows promising results    (November 2005)
   Anemia associated with higher risk of death in the elderly    (November 2005)
   Bladder problems, as men age they increase    (November 2005)
   Severe asthma attacks - evaluating who is at risk    (November 2005)
   Why are the best malaria drugs not being used in Africa?    (October 2005)
   Treating malnourished children in Northern Nigeria    (October 2005)
   New Centre to advance child health research, UK    (October 2005)
   Nitrate in lettuce and spinach survey, UK    (October 2005)
   Yeast may help diabetes patients administer insulin    (October 2005)
   Cholera wave in West Africa still ongoing, WHO    (October 2005)
   New strategy could prevent leading cause of maternal death in Africa    (October 2005)
   Fake Viagra - Charges Laid Against Two Ontario Pharmacies and their Owner    (October 2005)
   Loss of Body Mass Linked to Development of Alzheimer's Disease    (October 2005)
   Smoke and increase your diabetes risk    (October 2005)
   Young Professor Awarded Prominent Grant for Pioneering Research in Bioethics    (October 2005)
   Pneumonia no worse for HIV-positive patients    (October 2005)
   Four new us patents granted to Acrux for transdermal drug delivery    (October 2005)
   Ambient air pollution and acute myocardial infarction link    (October 2005)
   Formula against infertility    (September 2005)
   New Hope For Elderly Heart Attack Survivors    (September 2005)
   FDA approves Fluarix, flu vaccine    (September 2005)
   District Nurses fear for future of patient care, UK    (September 2005)
   'Mad cow' proteins successfully detected in blood    (September 2005)
   Research sheds new light on cholesterol danger    (September 2005)
   Mental health of UK hospital consultants in decline    (September 2005)
   Blood flow to brain may be clue to certain dementias    (September 2005)
   Oral contraceptive effective in controlling premenstrual disorder    (September 2005)
   New ways to prevent stroke and reduce excess iron in sickle cell anemia    (September 2005)
   Dairy peptides significantly decrease blood pressure, British Journal of Nutrition paper    (September 2005)
   Is Erectile Dysfunction a Manifestation of Underlying Cardiovascular Problems?    (September 2005)
   New virus causes respiratory tract infections     (August 2005)
   Humira® (Adalimumab) Approved for treating Psoriatic Arthritis    (August 2005)
   Rectal lactobacilli help decrease bacterial vaginosis    (August 2005)
   Breast cancer detected by mammography linked to better prognosis    (August 2005)
   The Battle Over Blue Blockers, intraocular lenses that block blue light    (August 2005)
   Prevention &Treatment of Ovarian Cancer    (August 2005)
   ..... Aspirin Treatment Failure Warning .....    (August 2005)
   Better way to Treat Seizures in Kids     (August 2005)
   Diabetes Foot Complications    (August 2005)
   Statins Fall Short on Preventing Dementia    (August 2005)
   Good Results for Advanced Lung Cancer Drug    (August 2005)
   Possible Pathway to Development of Alzheimer's Drugs    (August 2005)
   Simple Screening Prevents Chlamydia, Improves the Health of Young Women and Unborn Children    (August 2005)
   Artificial intelligence to help intensive care doctors    (August 2005)
   Why Do Some Women Get Hot Flashes While Others Don't?    (August 2005)
   Medical School Deals With Trainee Doctors' Lack of Sleep    (August 2005)
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